Family therapy is open to individuals, couples and families of all ages. You can decide who needs to be invited to attend. Children often enjoy participating and having their opinion and ideas heard. Below is a list of the range of services offered.


Systemic psychotherapy can work with you as an individual, helping you with whatever issues you choose to bring to therapy. We will work collaboratively looking together at your problems in the context of your life and relationships.


Family therapy is a way of working with families, so that they can understand, and deal more effectively with any difficulties that family members may be experiencing


Coming together to form a couple is wonderful and exciting, but it can also bring its own difficulties.  Systemic psychotherapists are uniquely placed to work with you both to develop the relationship that you both want. We will work collaboratively to see what you both think are the issues and what solutions you both think would be desirable.  We are open to all possibilities once you both feel respected within them.

Adult Families

Raising a family and being part of a family are wonderful challenges and experiences.  There are different life stages to be negotiated and the dynamics of relationships change with time. Mostly families negotiate these changes, but sometimes families become blocked in a stage, or individuals are not happy with the status quo. This happens, but family therapists are here to help ease out solutions and ensure that everyone is heard. We are happy to work with many generations in the room, encouraging dialogue and listening.


When families struggle children suffer. Children are like a weather vane in a family. As family therapists we encourage children’s voices to be heard and respected. We also understand as fellow adults that what children desire is not always achievable. Family therapy offers a safe place for these conversations to happen and for shared understandings to be negotiated. It is a safe neutral space for children to voice their opinions and for adults to talk about possibilities and limits. We may work with all family members in the room, or with the children and then with the parents. It depends what is in the best interests of you and your family. We also help to rebuild relationships where necessary. 


Ecotherapy refers to healing and growth nurtured by healthy interaction with the earth. Also known as “green therapy” and “earth-centered therapy.”