Information for GPs and other professionals

What you can expect when you refer a patient to Midlands Family Therapy


The highest professional standards available in psychotherapeutic services: 

  • High professional qualifications
  • Full (practitioner-level) accreditation with FTAI.
  • Minimum 5 years professional experience
  • Specialised training in family therapy to masters level.


A letter from Midlands Family Therapy confirming the details of your patient’s appointment. This letter can be kept in your patient’s file, enabling you to obtain feedback on progress at subsequent patient’s visits.

Liaison between GP and Therapist:

I am aware that the feedback in relation to progress of the treatment can be very valuable to the GP who often feels a sense of responsibility for the total care of the patient over the long-term.  Situations in which such liaison may be especially important are: 

  • Cases in which management of a psychiatric illness is a feature.
  • Where there is risk of self-harm, including suicide.
  • Certain cases of eating disorder in which medical management is an important feature.
  • When the patient is on medication for psychological reasons, or in which the GP might consider it helpful for the patient to be on such medication.
  • Cases in which the psychotherapist refers a patient to the GP to assess for medical treatment       eg: sleep disturbance, management of anxiety or depression, eating issues. 

I will discuss sharing of information with your client and respect their wishes as long as to do so is in theirs and others best interest and safety.

I will also contact you to highlight any concerns I may have or to suggest referrals for psychiatric assessment if appropriate.

Opportunity to consult:

The opportunity to discuss any potential client with Catherine Rountree, to ensure the most suitable referral possible for your patient.


A guarantee of the highest level of personal service to any of your patients who make contact with Midlands Family Therapy.

Referral Forms:

These are available to download from our website. They may be returned by post or email.  We may contact you upon receipt to confirm you have submitted form and to discuss any queries.