Systemic psychotherapy can work with you as an individual, helping you with whatever issues you choose to bring to therapy. We will work collaboratively looking together at your problems in the context of your life and relationships. 


All families have their ups and downs and have to cope with crises from time to time.  sometimes things can mount up and seem too much.  Family therapy aims to support the family to deal with these difficulties in a supportive and respectful environment.


Coming together to form a couple is wonderful and exciting, but it can also bring its own difficulties. Systemic psychotherapists are uniquely placed to work with you both to develop the relationship that you both want. 

Adult Families

Raising a family and being part of a family are wonderful challenges and experiences.  There are different life stages to be negotiated and the dynamics of relationships change with time. 


When families struggle children suffer. Children are like a weather vane in a family. As family therapists we encourage children’s voices to be heard and respected. 


Ecotherapy is an emerging area of research refering to the healing and growth nurtured by healthy interaction with the earth. Also known as “green therapy” and “earth-centered therapy.”