Introducing Your Therapist

Hello, I am a systemic psychotherapist specialising in parent-child relationships, men’s health
and nature therapy. Systemic psychotherapy looks at the multiple interlinking relationships
that we all live in.   

Catherine Rountree, MSc Systemic Psychotherapy, BSc Psych.

Catherine Rountree, MSc Systemic Psychotherapy, BSc Psych.

I have worked in mental health for a number of years, linking in with individuals, adult children and parents and with extended generations of family systems.

Over this time I have continued to be awed and enthused by the dynamic ways that people strive for contentment and meaning in their personal and family lives. I have worked with people in hardship and difficulty and watched them find solutions that are unique to them and that offer them life quality.

I come from an ecology and horticultural background. This influences my work and thinking.  I believe that we benefit from contact with nature and the passing seasons to help us maintain our balance and wellbeing.  If this makes sense to you then we can also include this in our conversations. 

I look forward to meeting you,



PS. I am fully accredited with the Family Therapy Association of Ireland and with the ICP, The Irish Council of Psychotherapists.