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What is Family Therapy? 

Family Therapy is a safe neutral space to talk about problems. We work with a wide range of issues. Our approach looks at the relationships between people. It helps to ease and improve communication problems, frustrations and misunderstandings. We try to improve connections and understanding so that individuals can enjoy as good and satisfying a life as possible.

Evidence Based

Systemic Psychotherapy or Family Therapy is a dynamic and evolving evidence based field. If you would like to know more here are two recent papers you can google and read;

Carr, A (2014) The evidence base for couple therapy, family therapy and systemic interventions for adult-focused problems Journal of Family Therapy 36: 158–194

 Stratton, P (2010). The Evidence Base of Systemic Family and Couples Therapy. Association for Family Therapy, UK. The report is available at .

What issues does Family Therapy work with? 

There are a range of relationship issues that can benefit from Family Therapy: 

  • Family and marital/partnership discord 
  • Co-parenting 
  • Communication and intimacy difficulties 
  • Trauma impacting on relationships 
  • Gender identity issues 
  • Blended family issues 
  • Relationship issues linked to difficulties in adjusting to major life changes such as: bereavement, life cycle events, divorce and separation 
  • Sibling rivalry 
  • Transgenerational issues
  • Cultural issues 

Is this safe? 

Family Therapy is an established form of psychotherapy with strict standards and ethical guidelines. Learn more at

Who is it for?

Family Therapy is open to all individuals, couples and families. You can decide who needs to be invited to attend. Children often enjoy participating and having their opinion and ideas heard.

Who Is My Therapist?

Catherine Rountree is a fully accredited member of the Family Therapy Association of Ireland and of the Irish Council of Psychotherapists. She holds a Masters of Systemic Psychotherapy which is awarded by UCD and the Mater Hospital after four years of clinical training. 

Catherine has worked in the area of mental health for a number of years and her specialities are working with families who have experience of enduring mental ill-health, Men’s Health & Ecotherapy. 

She believes that every person has the right to enjoy their life and make choices to this effect. 

Who attends the sessions?

As a family you will have an idea as to which family members should attend the first appointment. As a therapist we are open to all family members attending and our door is open to all.

The attendance at the other sessions will be subsequently agreed depending on the issues emerging in the family. However, it is helpful if everyone in the family agree to attend as appropriate.

How long and where are the sessions?

Sessions are of 1 hour’s duration although the first session may be a bit longer. The location and frequency of sessions will be agreed between the Family and the Therapist. I can by agreement work from your home, or from the Aspen Family Centre in Tullamore.

Will sessions be confidential?  

Yes they will. The only exception/s to this is where there may be concerns about safety. In these circumstances, these concerns will be discussed with you before being shared with your GP.

How to access the service?

Please complete a referral form available with your GP, Local Health Worker or on our website.

You can also download a referral form by clicking on the link at the end of this page.

Return the completed form to I will be in touch to arrange an appointment for an initial meeting.